Theatre Trips

By | 01/05/2018

The theatre group will hope to provide a minimum of four visits to local theatres each year and possibly as many as six visits. These will be advertised to all members and will be eligible for group reductions. We will meet at the theatre where tickets will be given out. If it appears that those members who join us at the theatre feel that transport should be included, then for future visits this will be considered.

The choice for July 26th is:

  •  Unexpected Guest at The Mill at Sonning.
    The cost includes a 2 course dinner before the show. Tickets are £47 and should we go for this option and take more than 10 tickets, we get a 10% price reduction.
    Transport to take us would have an additional charge.


  • The Dresser at Royal Windsor Theatre
    We get a 10% reduction for every 10 tickets so we would expect the theatre tickets to cost around £26.10.

 and for September 20th:

  • Othello at Oxford Playhouse
    With more than 10 people we get a reduction on this performance so that £30 tickets are reduced to £24 and £21 tickets to £16.
    We would arrange transport at an additional cost.


  •  Colourful Classics at the Wycombe Swan with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra
    Tickets for this would be £23.85 if more than 10 tickets are bought.


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