Interest Groups

Interest groups are the core of the U3A activity. They meet from weekly to monthly in members’ homes or communal rooms depending largely on the size of the group.

Each group has a convenor,  who is not necessarily an expert in that area but is the organiser for the group. The groups are listed on the right under a number of headings. Click on one of these to see the interest groups in that area.

Groups are run by members, and usually meet in members’ homes. Groups can meet as often as they like, but typically it will on a regular day, either weekly, fortnightly, or monthly. There will usually be a small fee (around 50p) to cover the cost of refreshments.

There are generally no paid speakers, the members themselves will take the meetings. In the case of a study group this may involve the person taking the meeting preparing a talk or demonstration, or perhaps showing a video, and imparting their knowledge or skills to the group. It’s a self-help situation – you learn together.

Aerobics Art appreciation Bird watching Board games Book group Bridge Bus and walk Calligraphy Chess Computers Cookery Crochet/Knitting Current affairs Film club French Gardening German Golf History Italian Lace making Latin Local history Mahjong Maths Music appreciation Outings Painting/Drawing Photography Play reading/Drama Pudding club Rummikub Socialising Spanish Tablets/Smartphones Theatre trips Ukelele Walking Wine-tasting

Here is the current weekly/monthly schedule:

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Weekly 10 French 1
14 French 2
10 Tablets (Android) 10 Tablets (iPad)
14 French 3
10 Bridge
10 Computer (begin’rs)
10.30 Maths
1st week 10 Walking 1
14 Spanish begin’rs 1
10 Walking 2
14 Italian
9.45 Latin
10 Bus & walk
10.20 Board games
14 Pudding Club
9.30 Painting/ drawing 1 14 Play reading
2nd week 17.30 Ukelele 10 Lace making
14.30 Current Affairs
Gardening visits
15 Photography
19.30 Spanish begin’rs 2
9.30 Painting/ drawing 2
13 Computer
19.30 Intermed. Spanish
10 Golf
14 Play reading
3rd week 10 Walking 1
10 Chess
10.30 Socialising
14 Spanish begin’rs 1
14 Rummikub 1
14.30 Music appreciation
11 Walking 2
1330 Calligraphy
14 Italian
14.30 Crochet/ Knitting
9.45 Latin
Bird watching
13 Art appreciation
9.30 Painting/ drawing 1
14 Local History
19.30 Wine Tasting
14 Rummikub 2
4th week 10 Cookery
17.30 Ukelele
14 Monthly Meeting 19.30 Spanish beginners 2 09.30 Painting/ drawing 2
10 Cookery
13.30 Book group
19.30 Intermed. Spanish