Canva Group
Time - 14:00
Week - Fourth
Day - Wednesday
Group Leader(s) - Pam Jobson and Roger Carter
Venue - Private House
Vacancies - 6
Group Leaders
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There are currently no events scheduled for this group

Canva is an online graphic design program which will work on any type of computer, tablet, or smartphone. It has 125 million users, including 30 million teachers and students. 350 thousand non-profit organisations such as our u3a use Canva.

We have the premium version of Canva, which you can use to create amazing designs and to transform your photos. Create greetings cards, flyers, presentations, photo collages, photobooks, newsletters, and more. For our free ebook on using Canva click here, to visit our website (created in Canva) click here, and to see our winning entry for Target Magazine's "Design a Crown" Coronation competition click here.