Walking - Odds Group
Time - 10:00
Week - First + Third
Day - Monday
Group Leader(s) - Nick Roy
Venue - General
Vacancies - 17
Group Leaders
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There are currently no events scheduled for this group

This group meets on even Mondays of the month (2nd and 4th) at 10 am, at various places with adequate parking within a 20-minute drive of Bourne End. The walks are 4 to 5 miles in length, suitable for the reasonably fit. Walking boots or stout shoes should be worn. Contact Nick roy on 01628 526793

In order to keep numbers down to a manageable level, you can join either the "Odds" walking group or the "Evens" group but not both. However, both groups follow the same programme of walks, and if you miss an Odds walk owing to other commitments you can instead join the same walk done by the Evens group. 

The photo below shows the group on a walk at Burnham Beeches in March 2023.