Smartphones & Tablets Group
Time - 14:30
Week - Second
Day - Wednesday
Venue - General
Vacancies - 20
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Tablets and smartphones

The ipad has become useful all about the house, from emailing to controlling the television, from shopping to reading in bed. But many people never get beyond a few activities and this group offers short courses and a more regular monthly meeting. Smartphones continue this outside the house and can even be used to find your way around.

The monthly session is a general forum for issues related to tablets and smartphones, taking place on the second Wednesday of the month at 2.30pm.

We run short courses when there is demand, divided into Apple devices (iPad and iPhone) and Android devices (Samsung, Amazon Fire, Nexus etc.) If you don’t know what Android is, don’t worry, it is easily explained.

Contact Chris Moss 01628 531948 if you would like to join a course.