Bourne End & District U3A

The U3A provides opportunities for retired and semi-retired people in and around Bourne End to learn, laugh and live. Click on one of the areas in the list on the right to see what groups are being run in in your area of interest and contact the convenor.

Membership is now open for the 2019/20 year which started in April (see here). The cost has been reduced this year to only £17.50 which allows you to attend any of the events which we organise, with small charges being made for many of these to cover costs. In the year that we’ve started we’ve seen membership rise to over 400 and there are already over 40 different groups operating in areas as diverse as Spanish and Calligraphy.

New Groups

Our latest groups are Non-fiction reading and Family History. Do get in touch with the convenors if you’d like to join either of them.

A singing group is also in the process of formation.

There are some takers for an advanced German conversation group. If any members are interested please let the groups convenor know — you can use our contact form.

Sheila Hutchins would like to start a Canasta group. If you want to join please let her know. You can use the contact form.

The temporary Windows 7 group started on 17th May for those who are having to upgrade their computers because this version is being discontinued. If you are interested please use the contact form to let us know.

A Tai Chi class has recently been started.

Upcoming events

For full calendar see here or select Month in the top right corner above. You can also select a group (or groups) using the “Tags” selector top left.