New Groups for September

We’re excited to announce that a number of new groups are starting from September. Details are below. If you are a member and have logged in, you will see an email link for the convenor below each group. You can click on these links to register your interest with the convenor. For our existing groups, click on an area on the right.

  1. Film Club

    The film club aims to enable people interested in films to meet together to look at a wide variety of films and to discuss these afterwards. We will be looking at films both old and new, classics and little known ones. Over time we will set themes for the year e.g. specific directors, film studios, different genres of movies e.g. action, science fiction, comedy, drama, etc.
    We will be going to local places where films are shown e.g Empire Cinema in Wycombe, Norden Farm, etc as well as watching DVD’s in the convenor’s home. We will meet monthly on the third Thursday of each month.

  2. Ecosystems Study Group

    The aim of this group is for people who are concerned about the long term changes to our planet caused by human activity to get together and improve their understanding of the isuses. The group will meet monthly. Potential areas for discussion include:
    Is climate change reversible?
    How will a loss of diversity affect both us and the planet?
    Progress and growth — are these inextricably linked?

  3. Industrial Heritage Group

    From Railways to Planes to Canals to Ships, How they are built to what they carry. Trips to various locations to see how things work will be part of the programme. This group will start meeting on a monthly basis from November 2018.

  4. Creative writing Group

    The aim of this group is to enable members to learn about writing and to practice their skills. This may be in the form of poetry, plays, books or short stories. The group will meet monthly starting in September 2018.

  5. Pottery

    It is hoped that a pottery group will be able to start in the autumn, the aim being to enable people to learn and develop their skills in making pottery for themselves. The frequency of meetings has yet to be determined.

  6. MOTO- (Members on their own) Group

    Many members of the U3A no longer have partners or close friends with whom they can go to various events and activities. The aim of this group is to enable people to enjoy the companionship of others in a social context. The group will meet monthly starting in September 2018, a date and location has yet to be finalized.

Another group has already started: Aerobics for Seniors meets weekly in Bourne End.