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Looking for a convenor

People have put down their names for a number of groups for which we have not yet found someone to organise. If any member would be willing to take these on, please let the group coordinators know. Yoga Tai chi Zumba Pilates Family history

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Suggested groups

There are people willing to organise groups on the following but there haven’t yet been enough people expressing an interest to make them viable. If you would be interested in any of them, please let us know. Bowls Russian Mindfulness Family History Railways and Industrial heritage There are also several groups which are under discussion […]

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Mindfulness is a mediation technique which provides simple, practical skills to enable you to become more aware of your thoughts and feelings so that in any situation, including challenging ones, you can choose how to respond rather than being pulled into stress reactions. Using mindfulness skills enables people to be steady and calm, regain a […]

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